BBL Photofacials/Photorejuvenation

What is Photorejuvenation or Photofacial? 

Photorejuvenation is a laser skin treatment that is used to improve 
sun-damaged and ruddy skin. This is an easy, no down time treatment that 
you can do to treat existing sun damage as well as prevent future wrinkles. 

This BBL system has been studied and found to reduce the perceived age of 
the skin when done annually or bi-annually. Please review the attached 

What types of skin conditions can be treated with BBL Photorejuvenation 
laser skin treatments? 

There are many unwanted skin conditions which can be successfully treated 
with Photorejuvenation laser skin treatments, such as: 

- Brown spots | Sun Damage | Age Spots | Liver Spots 
- Hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone 
- Skin tightening 
- Fine lines and wrinkles 
- Redness from sun damage 

How does the BBL Photorejuvenation laser skin treatments work? 

Photorejuvenation works by exposing damaged skin to a form of carefully 
controlled, intense pulsed-light. This lights stimulates collagen and 
elastin fibers, which result in the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, 
brown spots and freckles. You will see a smoother skin texture, and a more 
even skin tone to following your skin treatments. 

Does BBL Photorejuvenation treatments hurt? 

Patients report that the treatment feels like a series of rubber-band snaps 
all over the treated areas. Although the treatment does not hurt, the 
feeling can be startling. 

What areas can be treated? 

The beautiful thing about BBL Photorejuvenation treatments is that almost 
any body area is fair game for these treatments. Obviously the face is the 
most popular area, but any other body part can also be treated; including 
the chest, hands, shoulders, etc. 
[image: Photorejuvenation | IPL | BBL Results] 

* Please note that individual results may vary. 

How many BBL Photorejuvenation laser skin treatments will I need? 

Your skin type, color, and condition will determine how many skin 
treatments you will need. You will notice a significant amount of clearance 
after just one treatment, however subsequent treatments may be needed to 
remove older, deeper sun damage. Best results are achieved between 3-5 
treatments once a month and then one treatment every 6-12 months to 
maintain and prevent wrinkles. 

How long are the treatments? 

BBL Photorejuvenation treatments are relatively quick, and the size of the 
area being treated will dictate how long the session will take. (For a 
basis point, a full-face treatment takes about 15 to 30 minutes.) 

What will I look like immediately after? 

There is no “down-time” with BBL treatments, and right after treatment you 
can go back to your every-day life. Immediately after treatment, your face 
may feel warm and look a little pink, however these things will pass within 
an hour or two. Treated sun-spots will start to darken right away, and 
within the course of the following few days they will begin to slough 
themselves off to reveal clear, pristine skin underneath. 

How long will my results last? 

The results from BBL Photorejuvenation are permanent, the discolored areas 
that have been removed are gone forever. 

However, these treatments can only treat *existing* sun damage and broken 
capillaries, and cannot do anything to prevent future sun damage / redness 
from occurring. 

To maintain the skin and to prevent new wrinkles, it is suggest that 
patients do this treatment every 6-12 months after the initial treatment 

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