PRP for Hair Restoration

Hair Restoration with PRP

The Selphyl system allows for the prolonged release of platelet growth factors. This prolonged release stimulates stem cells, prolongs dermal papillary cell survival and increases angiogenesis (blood vessel supply). These factors combine to prolong the anagen (active growth) phase of hair growth and shorten the catagen or resting phase. The results is increased hair thickness and hair follicle survival.

Treatment involves drawing the patient's blood. The blood is spun and the platelet rich plasma is injected with small needle into the patient's scalp. For best results, a series of three treatments, separated between four to six weeks apart are preformed. It takes about three to six months after the final injection to see the full results of therapy. This varies patient to patient. After the initial treatment series patients typically

Patients are instructed that they cannot aggressively massage the scalp 72 hours after treatment. They are reminded to be gentle when washing their hair and sleeping on the part of the scalp that was injected.

This treatment is most effective for male and female pattern hair loss (androgenic alopecia).

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Pre-PRP Instructions

Our office wants to provide you with the very best care. You can help to minimize the risk of complications by carefully reading and following your pre-operative and post-operative instructions. Ask us to clarify any item about which you have questions:

1. Do Not Take ASPIRIN (Anacin, Bufferin, or Baby Aspirin) or IBUPROFEN (Advil, Motrin, or Nuprin), or NAPROXEN (Aleve) or other Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDS) similar to these medications, for TEN (10) days before the procedure. *These substances impair platelet function in the normal clotting process and thus promote bleeding and bruising. It is permissible to take acetaminophen (Tylenol or Anacin-3).

2. Do Not Drink Alcohol for Two (2) days prior to Procedure, *this may cause excessive bleeding, decreased resistance to infection. Please avoid red wine for four (4) days before surgery in order to minimize bruising.

3. Diet before Procedure: You should have a light meal before arriving at the office and avoid caffeine.

Post Selphyl Treatment Instructions

For 2-3 days you should NOT do any of the following:

  • DO NOT apply makeup
  • DO NOT touch the injection site
  • DO NOT swim or undertake in any strenuous exercise
  • DO NOT expose yourself to long periods in the sun
  • DO NOT sit in a sauna, hot tub, or Jacuzzi
  • DO NOT expose yourself to extreme hot or cold temperatures, or to large swings in temperature

For treatments involving the face or lip area:

  • DO NOT drink very hot or cold beverages
  • DO NOT receive complimentary treatment such as chemical peels. laser treatments. etc. These should not be performed for at least one month

Potential Side Effects:

In some very rare cases, slight side effects may occur: redness, local swelling, edema, local pain. These should not last more than a few hours, but can last up to a few days. These are normal treatment consequences. Nevertheless, immediately contact your treating physician for a professional opinion about side effects. According to your specific skin reactions, additional injection sessions may be recommended to give you the desired final results. This should be discussed with your physician.

There always general risks concerning the technique, methods, and material to which you will be exposed, even after precise injections made by highly skilled physicians. In case of local infection, antibiotics may be prescribed.

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