Restylane & Perlane

Wrinkle filling and Volume Replacement
Restylane and Perlene are used to treat:

  • Smiles lines
  • Marionette lines (the lines below your mouth)
  • Lip Volumizing
  • Lip Border Enhancement
  • Cheek Augmentation
  • Glabellar Creases (worry lines)
  • Facial Wrinkles
  • Filling depressed Scars

Restylane and Perlene are made of Hyaluronic acid, a substance normally found in the skin that helps keep it plump. The hyaluronic acid molecule is hydrophilic, or "water-loving," a feature that allows it to bind to water to provide results that can last for 6 months. Restylane restores volume and fullness to the skin to correct, smooth and plump, returning the face to a youthful fullness.

Before and After

Courtesy of Restylane
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